Abrel Products was founded in 1994, and is head-quartered in Limerick, Ireland. The company commenced operations manufacturing Burn-in Boards for reliability testing of Semiconductors. This continues to be the core business for the company but over time the product range manufactured by the company has expanded to include Endzone Burn-in Systems, Bibtest55XL board testers and Socket test probes. Abrel is now a global company with a worldwide network of customers.

Declan Brosnan

Declan Brosnan is a founder and co-owner of Abrel Products. He is a graduate in Electronic Engineering from UL Limerick and has more than 30 years experience in the Semiconductor Industry. Declan is responsible for developing and managing the company’s customer base throughout Europe, USA and SE ASIA. Prior to founding Abrel Products, Declan worked for a number of companies providing semiconductor solutions. He was employed by VIP Microelectronics as a Product Engineer, was Manufacturing and Engineering Manager at Trio-Tech International and European Sales manager at Ubitech.

Paul Comerford

Paul Comerford is a founder and co-owner of Abrel Products. Paul has 30 years experience in the Semiconductor Industry. He is responsible for all the daily activities within the company, including engineering, manufacturing and administration. Prior to founding Abrel Products, Paul was employed in the role of Manufacturing Manager by Ubitech, a burn-in solutions company,

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