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Abrel Customers – Our Friends in the UK!

We’re just back from a fantastic week in the UK, where the Abrel team caught up with some of our customers, old and new. In between lots of business chat, talk of Brexit and nice cups of coffee we even completed the installation of an integrated Burn-in Board Test System!

Our first stop was with Cirrus Logic……

Burn-in Test System Installation

One of the main reasons for our trip to the UK was to visit Cirrus Logic to complete the installation and training on an integrated Burn-in test system, the Bibtest55XL BIB tester.

Cirrus Logic are audio experts and the business specialises in innovative, high-performance analogue and digital signal processing components – for both audio and voice. Many of their products are integrated into the world’s best smartphones and tablets.

Cirrus Logic were looking for a very specific requirement; they needed to verify the integrity of their semiconductor test hardware. After discussions with our team it was decided that the perfect solution would be to supply them with the Bibtest55XL. The newly installed burn-in test system will now benchmark all of their burn-in hardware verification.

If you’re interested in this technology, here’s the low-down…………

Bibtest55XL – Market Leading Burn-in Board Test System

The Bibtest55XL is undoubtedly the market leader when it comes to burn-in board test systems. It provides extremely accurate results and it’s designed to electrically test any style of configuration of burn-in board, making it hugely versatile.

The test system uses 4-wire technology that allows it to fully test all the elements of a burn-in circuit including resistance, capacitance, diodes, transistors, shorts, opens and leakage paths. The basic system has 256 channels, which can easily be expanded to a maximum of 2048 channels, using ’plug and play’ expansion modules. Each channel can be programmed on the fly as force, sense, leakage, stimulus or driven guard. Feel free to contact us to if you’d like to discuss relevant specific requirements at your facility – if it involves burn-in testing; we’ve got a solution!

The Bibtest55XL system includes a control PC, running Windows 10, as standard and features a user-friendly Windows based operating software with an online database designed to meet test traceability requirements.

Our engineers were able to successfully set up the system for Cirrus Logic and provide onsite training on all aspects of the systems functionality.

Semiconductors UK Market

The UK market is very important to Abrel and one of our key strategic goals is to achieve growth in this market. We have been supplying into the UK for 23 years so far! Whilst the landscape has changed over this time, we continue to have very strong ties with our UK clients.

During our recent visit, we dropped in to several key customers including:

The UK has always had a strong Semiconductor industry and despite the fact that many of the big industry players such as TI, NEC, NXP, National have re-structured and no longer fabricate Semiconductor in the Silicon Glen, and most new startups are following the ‘fabless’ model, the sector continues to be vibrant.

We’re keeping a close eye on Brexit negotiations and monitoring any implications that it may have for Abrel and of course our customers. One concern for all industries, not just our own, is the possibility of new tariffs that may affect imports and exports. We are hoping for a smooth transition that doesn’t affect our cost base or the quick delivery times we offer UK clients and we are looking at all the possible options open to us, so that we have options into the future – and opportunities too!

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