Burn-in Board Testers

Burn-in Board Testers

industry standard


The Bibtest 55XL is an extremely accurate Burn In board test system. The system is tailored to electrically test the complete Burn In Boards circuit to all Mil and Automotive standards.


4-wire Kelvin technology guarantees greater measurement accuracy. The system is modular in design, with an entry level system delivering 256 channels. Expansion capability can be up to a maximum of 2048 channels. Windows 10 based software allows for streamlined programming and board testing.

Measurement Ranges

  • Resistance range 1R to 24M
  • Capacitance range 10pf to 12mf
  • Diode range 0 to 19V
  • Zenar diode range 0 to 9V
  • User defined parts 0 to 9V
  • Voltage stimulus 0 to 8V
  • Transistor and Mosfet measurements
  • Leakage measurement 1nA to 24uA

Overall Features

  • 256 basic test channels
  • Maximum channel count 2048
  • All channels programmable as force / sense
  • Leakage measurements
  • Voltage stimulus on all channels
  • 4 wire kelvin measurements
  • Windows 10 operation



  • Easy spreadsheet programming
  • Windows editing commands
  • Learn option of golden board
  • Programming of zoned boards
  • Universal edge programs

System Accessories

  • BIB for all system types
  • Test probes for all socket types
  • Personality modules for all BIB types
  • Expansion modules for additional channels
  • TSE compatibility adapters

Download Bibtest55XL PDF


  • Board map or scroll test options
  • Autotest or manual test modes
  • Socket latch testing
  • Test history log
  • Socket pass / status
  • Results logged to database