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Endzone Industry Standard

The Abrel Endzone is a flexible burn-in system that can be configured for many test applications. It features a universal driver platform, which can be populated with function modules to meet the specific burn-in requirement. The Endzone can be supplied as a small Qualification System or scaled as a full Production System.

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Endzone Features

  • Qualification or production systems
  • Temperature options –60ºC to +250ºC
  • Nitrogen and forced air cooling options
  • 1:1 or 1:3 Driver to BIB options
  • Adapters to accept different BIB types
  • Upgrades to existing ovens

System Architecture

  • Universal Driver Board platform
  • 6 PSU programmable modules per driver
  • 2 x 32 I/O CLK modules per driver
  • 2 FPGA modules per driver
  • 2 Function modules per driver
  • 64 I/O expansion module per driver


  • Windows based GUI
  • Temperature control and profiling
  • PSU setup and sequencing
  • User friendly pattern generator
  • Database and log files
  • Remote system access for updates

Expansion Modules

  • Sine wave and function modules
  • SPI modules
  • Modules for I²C testing
  • LIN Bus modules
  • Current monitor modules
  • Custom specific modules