Burn-in Systems

Burn-in Systems

Industry Standard

The Abrel Endzone Burn-in System can offer multiple lot testing over a wide temperature range. Abrel offer a number of test chamber options for qualification lots of 10 burn-in board positions and up to 104 positions for production runs.

EndZone Mobile

The Abrel Endzone Mobile system is a flexible PSU and Clock pattern driver unit. The system can be configured to dock to an existing HTOL / HAST/ / THB or PTC chamber to provide full dynamic capability. The system operates as a stand-alone unit with PC control for PSU, Clocks, data-logging, and monitoring. A built-in protocol interfaces with the chamber controller to setup temperature, humidity or pressure. The system utilises the same driver board and has all the same features of the Endzon Burn-in System.

BIB Configuration

  • Endzone (375mm x 605mm)
  • 192 I/O per BIB
  • (64 drive, 64 monitor, 64 expansion)
  • PSU, Sine and board coding channels

Test and Debug Station

  • Prescreen test station
  • Replicates 1:3 burn-in slot
  • Program generation
  • Driver board debug


  • A flexible backplane system allows for the user to configure a 1:1 or 3:1 BIB to driver board ratio, for single or zoned testing.
  • Universal Driver Board
  • 6 PSU programmable modules per driver
  • 2 x 32 I/O CLK modules per driver
  • 2 FPGA modules per driver
  • 2 Function module per driver
  • 64 I/O expansion module per driver
  • Temperature options –60ºC to +250ºC
  • Nitrogen and forced air cooling options

Expansion Modules

  • Sine Wave Function modules
  • SPI data analysis
  • Leakage current monitoring
  • Endurance testing
  • i-Socket high power testing
  • I²C testing
  • LIN bus module

Download Endzone Flyer PDF

Download Endzone Mobile Endzone Flyer PDF


  • Windows based GUI
  • Temperature control and profiling
  • PSU setup and sequencing
  • Pattern generation
  • Monitoring and readback
  • Database management
  • Colour coded monitor indicators
  • Remote access for debug and updates


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