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Abrel Supply Burn-in Boards & Bibtest55XL Test System in China

The team at Abrel are just back from a fantastic trip to China where we met some new customers and also touched base with a number of existing clients. 2018 marks a big milestone for Abrel, we’ve now been exporting into South East Asia for 20 years and this move into China represents a continuation of our expansion into Asia.

New Chinese Contracts

We are always looking for new markets to enter and are obviously delighted to be entering the Chinese market this year.

The visit to China was led by Declan Brosnan CEO at Abrel and it was a very busy couple of weeks on the road for the team. We first travelled to Shanghai and then on to the Suzhou region to visit some more clients.

The visit was very successful and resulted in securing initial orders worth over €100,000 for our Burn-in Boards and the Bibtest55XL Test System with two leading Semiconductor companies located in Suzhou and Tianjin.

Over the past 20 years we have developed excellent relationships with companies right throughout Asia and we are over the moon to have secured two new orders in China during this particular visit. We see Asia as a key market for growth and we will continue to invest in our sales and support teams in the region in a bid to develop even deeper relationships in the years to come.”

Declan Brosnan, CEO, Abrel

There’s a number of challenges we’ve had to overcome to entering the market in China but the team here has worked extremely hard to make sure that everything is working smoothly. There’s obviously a bit of a distance between ourselves and our clients so we have established two regional offices in Asia. One that covers China, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand and a second office that covers the Philippines and Vietnam. These really help us to establish a presence in the region and provide our clients with excellent customer support.


Burn-in Board Testers – Bibtest 55XL 

On this trip we received a lot of interest in our burn-in board test systems. The Bibtest55XL is the market leading burn-in board test system. The system is extremely accurate and is designed to electrically test any style or configuration of burn-in board. Using 4-wire technology the system will fully test a burn-in circuit, including resistance, capacitance, diodes, transistors, shorts, opens and leakage paths. The Bibtest55XL has become the benchmark test system within the Semiconductor Industry for testing and recording data from all types of Burn-in Boards.

Features include:

  • 256 basic test channels.
  • Maximum channel count 2048.
  • All channels programmable as force / sense.
  • Driven guard capability on all channels.
  • Voltage stimulus on all channels.
  • 4 wire kelvin measurements.
  • Windows 10 operation.

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