IC Socket Test Probes

IC Socket Test Probes


Abrel Products are the market leader in the design and manufacture of Burn-In IC socket test probes. Probes can be designed for test sockets for all the latest fine pitch packages including QFN, CSP, BGA and QFP. All Burn-In IC Socket Test probes are designed and manufactured in-house, and machined to precise tolerances.

Probe Features

  • Terminated for any test system type
  • Probes for Bibtest55XL and TSE Boss testers
  • Solenoid actuated probes for X-Y testing
  • Multi-head test configurations
  • BIB Personality modules for most tester types
  • Probes for all socket types
  • Compliant will all Mil883 standards
  • Spare parts available from stock

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  • Gold plated test heads for long life
  • All test heads plug-in replaceable
  • Test heads simulate device packages
  • Manufactured from Ultem Material
  • Standard wiring or 2-wire Kelvin
  • 1.5m shrouded cable
  • Ergonomic moulded delrin handle
  • Probes tooled for over 350 socket types
  • Probes available for DIP, QFP, BGA, SOP, QFN, CSP